Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I came across a really neat coupon site a few weeks ago and thought I would share! While there are many online coupon sites from which you can print coupons, this is the only site I have found yet that offers electronic coupons. No printing, no clipping, and no forgetting them at home! :)

Sign up for an account (it's free) and search for your grocery store. If they don't happen to be in your area yet, I did notice that you can request notification when they are.

If you DO see your store listed, you can put in your store card information, and it will link your savings directly to your card. Browse their coupons, add the ones you want to use (or even just any you think you MIGHT use!), and when you purchase that item at your store and use your store card, the value of the coupon is automatically deducted from your total. Easy as pie!

While there are not tons of coupons available through Shortcuts, I've noticed that they do list new ones fairly regularly, so it's important to check every couple of weeks. I've saved $5.25 so far in the two shopping trips I've made since registering my account. Coupons are not doubled as some printed coupons are, but you can use the electronic coupon in combination with a printed or newspaper coupon to save even more money and end up with some really good deals!

Just as regular cut-out coupons do, Shortcuts coupons do have an expiration date. You also cannot reuse them. Just as you hand in your paper coupons to the cashier, Shortcuts coupons are marked on your account as being used. However, it appears that they re-post some coupons, so just keep checking to see what's available.

Hope it works as well for others as it has been for me! :)

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