Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Raisins: a warning

When serving lunch to your two-year-old, please take caution when adding raisins to their plate. Even if she has NEVER given you an ounce of indication that she just may do something besides eat the raisin, your toddler very well may be calling you when you step out of the room by yelling "Stuck! Stuck in nose!"

You may discover that simply asking your child to blow her nose does nothing to dislodge the stuck raisin. And you may find yourself sitting in front of the largest window to get the best possible light, pinning your small child down in your lap, and using your good tweezers (as its the only pair you have, and the only thing potentially smaller than the nostrils in her cute button nose) to attempt to un-stick a dark dried fruit from a dark, snotty space.

You may further realize that your good tweezers are only pushing the raisin up further into her small nostril. But be persistent! You'll eventually get it out, even if your child is crying and apologizing FOR you since you are apparently not focused on saying you're sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyone else had the pleasure of dislodging pieces of your child's lunch from places they were never intended to be?

No? Just us?


  1. Sorry, but I am laughing at this!! I used to work in a daycare and we used to call a parent about once a month to take their child to the dr or ER to have a foreign object removed from their nose or ear. It amazes me what kids will stick up their nose!!! And these were 3-5 year olds!!!

    Glad that you got it out!

  2. Macaroni noodle. Sucking in and out of left nostril with every breath Moobaby took. About two weeks ago. MY SYMPATHIES!

  3. I apologize for laughing at your expense, but I can't help it!