Thursday, February 25, 2010

If you give a mom some dirty dishes (a true story)

If you give a mom some dirty dinner dishes, she'll rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher.

When she can see to the bottom of the sink again, she'll notice that it's looking a little dingy, so she'll scrub out the sink quickly.

As she's scrubbing out the sink, she'll remember an item of clothing she'd intended to hand wash earlier in the day. She'll grab it and wash it in the sink while she's thinking about it.

When she is finished, she'll take the item upstairs to hang in the bathroom to dry.

While in the bathroom, she'll remember that she put toilet cleaner into the upstairs toilets earlier, but never came back to scrub them out. She'll finish that job since she's already in the bathroom.

While scrubbing the inside of the toilet out, she'll notice the outside could use a good wipe down, so she'll do that as well.

Upon leaving the bathroom, she'll see a stray pair of shoes that needs to be returned to the closet.

Once she's done that, she'll notice that the laundry basket is still sitting on her bed with folded clothes that are ready to be put away. She'll put the clothes away, and then take her child's clothes to the next room.

While putting laundry away in her child's room, she sees there are a couple of items that need to be hung up, so she'll put those things away as well.

She also figures she might as well take a minute to pull out her child's pajamas for the night and lay them out.

Seeing the pajamas will remind her that bathtime is coming soon, so she'll lay out a washcloth in the bathroom.

In the bathroom again, she'll notice that the wet clothing item is dripping onto the floor, so she'll go to the hall closet and pull out a towel to catch the wet drippings.

Returning to her child's room to finish putting the laundry away, she spies a bouncy ball partially hidden under her child's bed, so she'll pick it up and slip it into the spare bedroom to add to the "rainy day" collection.

Upon opening the spare bedroom door, she sees that she's forgotten to put away the wrapping paper rolls she'd gotten out a few nights prior to wrap some gifts. She'll take a minute to put those away.

While she's finishing that job, her small child barges in the room and reminds her that it's time for her bath, so she'll take her to the bathroom, brush her teeth, undress her, and sit her on the potty while drawing her bath.

Her husband enters the room for bath duty and asks "What have you been doing up here?"

"Nothing," she'll reply.



  1. I love this! I found this blog through your Too Busy for TV one (gosh, I feel like a stalker here). :) This is so funny, I'm going to forward the link to your post to some friends.

  2. @ Monica -- your comment made me laugh! Haha, stalk away! :) Feel free to send it on... hopefully someone else can get a laugh out of it as well! :)