Sunday, January 17, 2010

EFTP Challenge: Week #3 Plan

Halfway through the month!

We're still doing well on goals 1, 3, and 4... it's just that darn budget that hasn't complied so well.

Yep, I'm over-budget. Already. And we're only halfway through the month. I concede defeat on that one. It's that darn 10 for $10 sale at our grocery store!

However, I haven't bought anything that we have not or will not use, and I really don't think I've bought things at unreasonable prices, either. For instance, between the sale and coupon-doubling, I bought a brownie mix last night for 20 cents! I guess, if nothing else, I've learned that I'm probably doing okay on our normal grocery "budget." As is, I would expect to spend approximately $50 for a week's worth of groceries. Which really isn't bad when you think that that comes out to about $7 a day for three people, or $2.38 per person per day. Not bad.

Otherwise, we're still on track. Oh, and the chicken and dumplings meal was terrible. I won't be making it again. Maybe I did something wrong. "E" for effort, though! :) I liked the honey BBQ pork recipe, but would probably add a bit more liquid and/or sauce to cook it in next time, as they ended up a little on the dry side.

Meals for this week:

Monday 1/18 - meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls (no school tomorrow, and this sounds like a "homey" meal to make in the afternoon!)
Tuesday 1/19 - steak sandwiches with onions and peppers, french fries, fruit
Wednesday 1/20 - pancakes, eggs, breakfast sausage
Thursday 1/21 - chili
Friday 1/22 - cilantro lime pork chops*, cajun rice, rolls
Saturday 1/23 - homemade pizza
Sunday 1/24 - tacos, fruit

* denotes a new recipe I'm trying

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