Saturday, January 30, 2010

$3.00 what I spent on all of these. Our local library has a "library shop" in which they sell books that have either been donated and cannot be used, or library books that have been phased out of the system. I've come home with some amazing finds from this shop, and always make sure to check it out each time we are there, since they restock it frequently. Sassy and I went to the library on this cold Saturday morning, and we found some treasures in the library shop today! We chose twelve books. All children's books are a quarter a piece... you can't beat that! Yes, some are a little old, and some are a little worn... but there are so many books that have tons of life left in them!

We found some cute Little Golden books.

And we found some childhood favorites of mine.

We found a book by one of our favorite funny authors.

I always thought The Magic School Bus books were so neat.

And we came home with this, since it will be in three days.

$3.00 for twelve books. The library shop is a great place!

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  1. I usually pick up a couple of big National Geographic or Time Life type books at our library sale. They're great for kids because the nature photography is lush and vibrant, the books are coffee table book size, and if they get love-worn it's not a big deal, since they cost a buck or less!