Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This week, I ordered this stocking for Sassy. I love it! I've looked at it in years past and always figured I'd order after the season when it was being clearanced out, but always seemed to miss it. I was so excited to see that it's already on sale, so I ordered it. I decided to have it personalized as well, knowing it would not be here in time for Friday morning, but at least I will have it ready to go for Christmas 2010.

In Sassy's stocking (a cheap one we've had since the hospital nurses sent her home in it when she was born... it really was rather cute) this year will be:
  • a straw cup with, I think, Elmo on it (can't remember for sure, but thinking it's one of those Sesame Street characters)
  • a mini Little People set (a fairy looking one with a pet snail... ha!)
  • a board book I picked up at the Scholastic sale this summer... because I haven't gotten around to wrapping it as I'd intended
  • a baby bottle for her dollies
  • raisins (a FAVORITE snack lately)
  • dried fruit (same deal)
  • graham cracker bunnies... how cute is that?
  • an eating utensil set, because we can always use more of those, and.....
  • TRAINING PANTS!!! Woohoo! I'm so interested to see how she reacts to her "big girl panties"... and if we'll continue on this train of really enjoying using the "big potty." Hee hee!
I love stocking stuffers. None of the items were any great, expensive purchase, but they are all things she'll enjoy (I think).

Other ideas I have already for next year include:
  • bubble bath (why didn't I remember this when I was at Walmart for the second time in one day last night?)
  • hair bows and clippies
  • nail polish (I painted my toes red this morning, and she wanted hers done just the same way)
  • play jewelry
Girls are so much fun! I swear I wouldn't know what to do with a boy. :)


  1. Hey there! Thanks for the commment on my blog. I wanted to let you know about the cookie tree. :) I actually bought a large set of nesting star shaped cookie cutters. you bake two of each, and then when cooled, stack them starting with the biggest at the base working your way up. You rotate each cookie as you go up. Then drip glaze and sprinkles all over. Lots of places sell the cutters; here is wilton's site (my mom got me my set of star cutters but they aren't wilton brand and I don't know where she got them from).

  2. Oooh! I love the stocking! Very cute. :) Holly, I have heard of the cookie Christmas tree but never made one. Sounds like another really fun tradition we might need to add. :)