Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas gifts

A 10"x10"x15" box just arrived on our doorstep. Inside are six Christmas gifts from Sassy's first mom and grandma.

At this point in our relationship, I'm never surprised that she receives packages from them at birthday and Christmastime (which happen to be in the same month). Even with a very busy few weeks for FirstMom, I knew she'd remember.

But, my heart is always so full when things like this arrive for my girl from her first family. I have a huge grin, and I just feel warm all over.

It's SO not about the actual gifts. It's about the time, the thought, the energy that went into getting them here, and in plenty of time for Christmas Day. She's remembered and loved always, and she will have these tangible little things throughout the years as a reminder. She's one of them, and she's one of us, too.


  1. This post made me feel so good. Not all of the kids in the triad are so lucky, and I think it's one of the things I fear when I think about continuing our adoption journey. I just want our child to feel loved from all sides, and know that they're not forgotten. Merry Christmas!

  2. Glad to hear of this. :) It really has been a crazy few weeks for all of you, hasn't it! It makes me happy for you and Sassy, and it helps me so much to know how sincere you are in your happiness to receive something from A. What an encouragement. :) Thanks, D. (((Hugs)))