Monday, June 8, 2009

Why I never get anything done during the day

Most days go like this:
  • Wake up
  • Change a diaper
  • Breakfast
  • Clean up
  • Get my daughter dressed
  • Get her settled for some "reading time" in her crib while I shower
  • Get myself ready
  • Make the bed
  • Change a diaper
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Set something out for dinner
  • Notice something stinks... change a diaper again
  • Playtime/run errands/go on a walk
  • Lunch
  • Clean up
  • Change her clothes, if necessary
  • Realize it's 1:15 and I haven't done any real "housework" yet...
  • Try to fold laundry, only to have clothing scattered across the living room by my child
  • Try to get her distracted with some toys while I clean the bathroom, but end up only getting to the sink because she's decided to flip out over not being attached to my hip
  • Change a diaper
  • Read some books together
  • NAPTIME!!!
  • Happily breathe a sigh of relief and do one of two things:
    1.) Run like a mad woman through the house for two hours trying to accomplish a day's worth of chores, or
    2.) Collapse at the computer and let too much of naptime go by
  • Back upstairs to change a diaper
  • Afternoon playtime
  • Start getting dinner ready
  • Husband comes home and says "What did you do today?"
Seriously, how can you get everything done in a day that needs to be done? I feel ridiculous "whining" about this because I have ONE child, not two or three or four. How do moms of multiple children possibly get anything done?

If I'm not pulling her away from the trashcan, I'm stopping her from tearing pages out of my Bible. If I'm not unwrapping her little hand from yanking the dog's tail, I'm walking behind her closing all the drawers and cabinets she opens up.

I sure would love to be able to get SOMETHING done beyond naptime hours, but I honestly don't know how! And then I think, "Well, what would I expect from someone WATCHING my child during the day?" I certainly would expect them to be interacting with her, playing, taking her outside, reading books to her, doing activities with her... so of course, I expect that from myself, too.

I've been trying really hard in the past few months to use my time wisely and to the best of my ability. I know I can't expect miracles, and I know I'm only one person. I try to be as organized as I can be with things like having dinners for the week planned out, doing a load of laundry a day instead of doing it all at once, etc. But I'm starting to understand why so many moms say "There's just not enough hours in the day!"

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