Monday, June 1, 2009

Mommy journals

This morning, I have gotten up, showered and dressed, ate breakfast, checked my email, made the bed, started a load of laundry, sorted the rest, hung up clothes, did some cleaning, got my daughter up and dressed, fed her breakfast, dropped off lunch for my husband, went to the grocery, came home with a crying toddler, put groceries away, got her started on lunch... and am now sitting down to check my email once more before finishing lunchtime (hers, not mine).

It's only 12:15 in the afternoon. And it's Monday. And my head hurts.

This afternoon, I hope to eat lunch myself, take my daughter on a walk, read her some books, put her down for a nap (glorious!), finish the cleaning the bathrooms (which I started this morning), finish the load of laundry I started already, wash the kitchen curtains that my daughter grabbed with her chili-covered hands, spend a few minutes exercising (maybe), plant some flowers outside, and start preparing dinner.

Any other moms' days look like this?

It sounds like a lot, and some days it feels like a lot. But other days, things just fall into place and I go to bed feeling like I accomplished everything I wanted to do that day. Those days are nice, but when that doesn't happen, I try to remember that I get another chance to do it all over again tomorrow. Right?

So that's pretty much it. I'm a wife of six years, I used to be a teacher in my previous life, and now I'm a stay-at-home mom who enjoys spending time with my eighteen-month-old daughter, cooking, taking care of our home, reading, photography (but I pretty much only have one subject!), doing crafty projects when the budget and time allows for it, and I'm currently loving selecting, planting, and transferring plants and flowers in our yard.

Oh, and our daughter came into our family through domestic open adoption.

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